Gold Digga – 18
Poached Eggs, Duck fat fried herb potatoes, Quebec cheese curds, Berkshire roast pork, Black Truffles, Brown Butter Hollandaise
Soul in a Bowl – 15
This is our OG Poutine created by our founder Chef Mauro and it’s one of the first dishes that was first created 11 years ago.
Poached Eggs, Duck Fat fried herb potatoes, slow cooked bacon lardons, Quebec Cheese Curds, Brown butter Hollandaise
Meatless to Say – 18
Poached Eggs, Duck fat fried herb potatoes, Quebec Cheese Curds, Hass Avocado, ripe tomatoes, brown butter hollandaise


Laks and Laks of Bagel – 18
hand-crafted cold smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, pickled onions, shaved fennel, fried capers, evoo
Heirloom. Avocado. Fior di Latte – 18
Artisan bagel, heirloom tomatoes, hass avocado, fior di latte mozzarella, truffles, micro watercress, evoo


French Toast Trifle – 20
Brioche, Meyer Lemon curd, market berries, pistachios, torched pavlovas
French Toast w/ Berries – 16
Sri Lankan cinnamon and orange blossom spiced french toast, berries


Caviar – 32
Northern Divine Caviar
Potatoes – 7
Duck fat Herb Potatoes, Truffle Mayo