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Rosemary Gimlet Soda Cans


The Keefer Bar classic, converted into a Ready-to-Drink can!

Bombay Sapphire Gin, with our rosemary lime cordial, carbonated and ready to enjoy!

Limited supply, get them while you can! Pun intended.

Penicillin Kit

Makes 12 cocktails $140.00

For something refreshing with a bit of bite, choose the contemporary classic cocktail, the Penicillin Kit. This kit pairs Bruichladdich Classic Laddie with our citrus & smokey ginger-honey mix. The Penicillin is an instant favourite, and a great way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

Forager’s Martini Kit

Makes 10 Cocktails $130.00

Botanist gin, “Forager’s Martini Mix” (house blend dry vermouth, seasonal hydrosol)

Classic gin martini, with a foraged twist. Comes with house pickled vegetables, castelvatrano olives, and lemon twists. Just pop it in the freezer for an hour or two, and its ready to go. As a bonus, enjoy a crisp gin & tonic while you wait for your perfect, below-zero martini.


Fantasy Island Kit

Makes 8 Cocktails $80.00

Kick back and relax on Fantasy Island. Fresh and fruity, vodka sour.

Makes 8 drinks

375ml Ketel One Vodka

600ml Fantasy Island Mix (strawberry rhubarb tea syrup, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, Happy Wine)

250ml Egg White

Fantasy Island Rim (coconut, cocoa nib, palm sugar)

1 Bag of Kold Draft Ice

1 Pack of Noodles

*BONUS Don Julio Blanco Mini

Dragonfly Kit

Makes 10 Cocktails $80.00

This is a fresh, bright and spicy Keefer Classic. Gin and nigori sake together at last. Serve with a crisp nashi pear fan.

375ml Beefeater gin

300ml Nigori Sake

300ml Dragonfly Mix

1 Nashi Pear

1 Bag of Kold Draft Ice

1 Pack of Noodles

Rosemary Gimlet Kit

Makes 6/12 Cocktails $50.00$90.00

Beefeater gin, rosemary lime cordial.
This crushable cocktail is a Keefer Classic. Super bright and herbaceous, you’re one quick shake away from instant refreshment.


Keefer 75 Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $90.00

Move over Mimosa, there’s a new Brunch drink in town.

Keefer Classic, bright, fresh, floral, not too sweet.

375ml Beefeater gin

375ml Keefer 75 Mix

4x 250ml Bollicini Dry Sparkling Rose

Crushed Candied Rose Petal & Chili Rim

1 Bag od Kold Draft Ice

1 Pack of Noodles

Pineapple Daiquiri Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $90.00

Flor de Cana 5yr Rum, “Pineapple Daiquiri Mix” (pineapple, lime juice, maple syrup, yunzhi)
A fruity twist on the classic daiquiri.

Servers 12 Drinks

750ml Flor de Cana 5yr
750ml “Pineapple Daiquiri Mix” (pineapple, lime juice, maple syrup, yunzhi)
12 Dehydrated Limes
1 Bag of Kold Draft ice

1 Pack of Noodles

Buffalo Soldier Kit

Makes 6/12 Cocktails $60.00$100.00

Maker’s Mark bourbon, “Buffalo Soldier Mix” (lemon juice, ginger syrup, tamarind syrup)
Easy drinking whisky sour variation. Tangy, citrusy with a bit of spice.

Blood Moon Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $110.00

The Blood Moon cocktail is a savoury gin sour, with notes of peppercorn, celery and orange.


Chinatown Sour Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $110.00

Complex, layered, with all flavours in perfect harmony. Bitter, sweet, sour, boozy.

Serves 12 Drinks

750ml Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

500ml Fernet Branca

630ml Chinatown Sour Mix (lemon, orgeat, astragalus) *contains nuts

1 Bag of Kold Draft Ice

1 Pack of Noodles

Bold Fashioned Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $100.00

Wild Turkey 101, “Bold Fashioned Mix” (Coconut gomme, Keefer bitter blend)
A subtle twist on the classic old fashioned. Strong, herbal and balanced.

Serves 12 Drinks

750ml Wild Turkey 101
100ml “Bold Fashioned Mix” (Coconut gomme, Keefer bitter blend)
12 lemon swaths
1 bag of Kold Draft ice
9 Kodama ice blocks
2 Riedel crystal Old Fashioned glass

1 Pack of Noodles

Tokyo Drift Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $130.00

Suntory Toki Japanese whiskey, “Tokyo Drift Mix” (Noilly Prat ambre vermouth, preserved kumquat gomme, “tobacco” bitters)
Boozy, delicate Japanese manhattan style cocktail. Lightly smoky, and super delightful

Serves 12 Drinks

750ml Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky
450ml “Tokyo Drift Mix” (Ambre vermouth, kumquat gomme, “tobacco” tincture)
12 Toasted Sesame Snaps
9 Kodama Ice Blocks
2 Riedel Crystal Old Fashioned glass
1 Bag of Kold Draft ice

1 Pack of Noodles

Aperol Spritz Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $65.00

The perfect apertivo cocktail

750ml Aperol

750ml Jean Louis Brut

4 x 355ml soda cans

Dehydrated blood oranges

1 bag of Kold Draft Ice

1 Pack of Noodles