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Bold Fashioned Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $100.00

Wild Turkey 101, “Bold Fashioned Mix” (Coconut gomme, Keefer bitter blend)
A subtle twist on the classic old fashioned. Strong, herbal and balanced.

Serves 12 Drinks

750ml Wild Turkey 101
100ml “Bold Fashioned Mix” (Coconut gomme, Keefer bitter blend)
12 lemon swaths
1 bag of Kold Draft ice
9 Kodama ice blocks
2 Riedel crystal Old Fashioned glass

1 Pack of Noodles

Tokyo Drift Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $130.00

Suntory Toki Japanese whiskey, “Tokyo Drift Mix” (Noilly Prat ambre vermouth, preserved kumquat gomme, “tobacco” bitters)
Boozy, delicate Japanese manhattan style cocktail. Lightly smoky, and super delightful

Serves 12 Drinks

750ml Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky
450ml “Tokyo Drift Mix” (Ambre vermouth, kumquat gomme, “tobacco” tincture)
12 Toasted Sesame Snaps
9 Kodama Ice Blocks
2 Riedel Crystal Old Fashioned glass
1 Bag of Kold Draft ice

1 Pack of Noodles

Aperol Spritz Kit

Makes 12 Cocktails $65.00

The perfect apertivo cocktail

750ml Aperol

750ml Jean Louis Brut

4 x 355ml soda cans

Dehydrated blood oranges

1 bag of Kold Draft Ice

1 Pack of Noodles


100-150ml $14.00$22.00

Bitters and tinctures are like the salt and pepper of cooking. Add a dash or two, to accentuate and amplify flavours in your favourite drink.

Main St Naked Fox IPA


6 pack of Main St. Brewing Naked Fox IPA

6 x 355ml

ABV: 6.8%

IBU: 55

Dry IPA featuring North American and Southern Hemisphere hops