Nuts (GF) – 6

a variety of sweet & spiced nuts

Olives (GF) – 8

citrus marinated mixed olives

Hunan Pickles (GF) – 6

pickled vegetables in the traditional Hunan style

Cucumber Salad (GF) – 6

cucumber, sesame gochugaru vinaigrette



Spring Rolls – 8

shrimp, duck or veggie

Dumplings – 9

ha gow | shrimp

xiao long bao | pork

siu mai | pork & shrimp

vegetarian jiaozi | shiitake & tofu

Steamed Buns – 8

BBQ pork or vegetarian with house spicy mayo



Veggie Fritters – 9

roasted autumnal vegetables, garam masala, kalamansi plum sauce

Taiwanese Cauliflower – 9

with sausage or tofu, dressed with shallot sauce

Brisket Bao – 9

ginger beef brisket, house pickled veg, green onion, cilantro

Sweet & Sour Meatballs (GF) – 9

pork meatballs roasted and slow cooked in a pineapple sweet & sour sauce

Peking Duck Crepes – 12

roasted duck, served with fresh cucumber, cilantro, hoisin & crepes

Green Onion Pancake Pizza – 12

daily special, vegetarian option available



Japanese Cream Puffs – 8

choux pastry filled with Japanese whisky custard dusted with matcha sugar